Daddy's Girl

Narrative, English

Co-Editor: JAY ZHAO
Directed & Written by KEANU RHOADES 
"Daddy's Girl" 2023 is a 5-min short film within the UNSW coursework, directed by Keanu R. 

The film has been awarded:
in Screen Production I 2023


ARTHUR is the father of RACHEL. His company
isn’t exactly “legal”. It was built on crime and drugs.
Rachel also has a secret. She is a superhero with incredible
powers, and has been unknowingly fighting against her dads
corrupt gang for three years. RACHEL and ARTHUR have both
been out. One fighting crime, one creating it. They both
sneak back into the house, Rachel comes in through the window
and Arthur comes in from the balcony. They both decide to get
a midnight snack and awkwardly run into each other.

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