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Favourite Documentary

"Air Emergency" is an investigative documentary series of actual air crash incidents. It deeply renders the experience of flight crews confronting air emergency situations, making the visual imagery of air crash with the pilot and passenger's perspective. The documentary focuses on the characters of both pilots and investigators to construct its narrative, igniting insights into the obstacles and hardness of investigation. Audiences are informed, educated and immersed in the process of finding the truth of an incident. The documentary was released by National Geographic, and on television in North America.
Documentary ideas:
the documentary interviews and reflects astronomical photographers who utilise telescopes and travel to the outback to capture the nebula image. 

astronomical photographers finally combine artistic photography with scientific exploration in astronomical photography production. Telescope

to develop insight into the heart of astronomical photographers, their insistence, challenge from mother nature, and spirit of respecting mother nature, The film creates empathy to those astronomical photographs of the human nature of daring, exploration and curiosity to the space.

Fiction, biopic: 
The documentary focuses on the trace of the character as an astronomical observer.
Oppenheimer - inspires the visual imagery and fantasy of nuclear explosion and quantum physics in Oppenheimer mind in the narrative to structure the biography. The beginning of nuclear imagery sets the potential and story of the film.

Part of organisations: 
Sydney photography community, University photography society, astronomy community. The subject matter of the film as a character of astronomical photographer inspired from the personal story from these communities.

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