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Welcome to Jay Zhao's Portfolio Diary. This page is a particular coursework portfolio for ARTS2065 Screen Production II, built in the entire portfolio website ZEOFILM.COM.
"Burning Remake"
Final short film for Screen Production II, "Burning" (2018)'s farm searching scene remake.
Directed by KAI-EN HSU
Produced by JAY ZHAO

Topic: Writing a first-person transformation of "The Day My Best Friend"

We work at the supermarket for the night shift together, 6 nights a week. None of the nights MY BEST FRIEND would look good, as there are always scars and red hurts on her skin. She doesn’t dare to tell anyone but me about her violent husband. Whenever I find more scars appearing on her neck, I tell her to leave her husband. The recommendation doesn’t go well, as her husband still wants to control her and threatens her. If she runs away, she can no longer live in this city, work for this supermarket, or have a safe place to be on the streets here. She is in catch-22. One day I meet her as usual but realise she is hurt even more painfully. Her condition can't let her keep working at the supermarket. I ask her to go to the hospital or seek help from the police. I am pretty sure she can no longer suffer from her husband. She is about to die if she makes no change. But she laughs at me, and refuses all my suggestions. She tells me that she is divorced. She leaves me in awe and shock. How can this helpless young lady get rid of a violent or gangster husband? I can't get it so I keep asking how her husband agrees to leave her alone. She hesitates, cries, uses tissues to pat on her scars. Her husband doesn’t agree to divorce or end such life of domestic violence. Her husband wants to further beat her. So she has the only choice left to defend herself, murdering. The day my best friend gets divorced is the day she kills the first human in this world. She tells me that everything happens inventibly and killing is not her intention, but she has secrets now. She asks me what to do next. Hiding? Lying? The day my best friend gets divorced is the last day I see her. At the next night, she doesn't come to work. I want to check if she is fine so I try to wander around near her apartment. I knock on her door but nobody responds to me. Outside of the window of the apartment corridor, blue and red lights hit my eyes.

Topic: A girl's life is changed after a man who is blinded by the sun disrupts her.
An in-class exercise shot on Sony DV.
Roles in the exercise: camera assistant, cameraman

Topic: Stalker
An acting and shooting exercise of stalking narrative. A short satirical story about a girl who carries a bomb.
Roles in the exercise: actor, cameraman
Topic: an interview set up.
An interview of a game review using the dirty-shot camera, sound recording, and editing practices.
Roles in the exercise: cameraman
The Digital Photo Essay is for the Assessment 1 of ARTS2065, which narrates my own experience of getting inspired of my interest and passion in photography from colours. The photo essay is done by still photography shot in Burwood and archive photographs I did in Hong Kong. They both contain intensive neon elements and night vibe colours. I used a Rode mic to record my voice-over and Davinci to produce the entire photo essay. The narration and style are inspired by the previous photo essay examples shown in the lecture, which gives a real and honest story and emotional pictures chosen as the source material.
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